Mesothelioma Gene Study ID’s Possible Treatment Targets 

A comprehensive genomic analysis of more than 200 mesothelioma tumor samples has identified previously unknown genetic mutations, including several that may prove to be actionable right now for diagnosis and treatment of the deadly lung cancer, researchers say.

Investigators from the International Mesothelioma Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, working with researchers from Genentech, analyzed 216 malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) samples to establish the full range of mutations for the rare cancer, which is usually caused by environmental exposure to asbestos.

Ten significantly mutated MPM genes were identified, and recurrent mutations were also found in several genes, including SF3B1 and TRAF7, Brigham and Women’s researcher Raphael Bueno, MD, and colleagues wrote online in the journal Nature Genetics.

“This is by far the largest and most comprehensive genetic analysis of this cancer, and it pretty much establishes what genetic mutations exist in mesothelioma,” Bueno told MedPage Today. “Some were previously known, but some were not.”

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Source: Mesothelioma Gene Study ID’s Possible Treatment Targets | Medpage Today


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