Asbestos death toll rises again

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Asbestos death toll rises again

8:45am Friday 15th June 2012

By Jennifer Bell

INQUESTS have heard how York’s asbestos timebomb has claimed the lives of another two former York Carriageworks employees.

York residents Peter Barnett and Raymond Kelly both contracted the asbestos-related disease malignant mesothelioma after being repeatedly exposed to the substance at the factory.

The York inquests were told that former British Rail manager Mr Barnett, who died aged 70 on December 2 last year, worked at the former Holgate Road site in the 1960s.

After suffering problems with his breathing in later life he went on to have an aortic valve replacement.

However, he was admitted to York Hospital on November 30 last year when he collapsed with worsening respiratory failure.

Mr Barnett, of Foxwood, received palliative care at the hospital until his death. A post-mortem examination found asbestos bodies on his lungs that were indicative of significant asbestos exposure.

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