Sarnia widow fights to keep asbestos mine closed

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Sarnia widow fights to keep asbestos mine closed

By PAUL MORDEN, The Observer

February 17, 2012

A decade and a half after Chemical Valley worker Harry Buist died of asbestos-caused mesothelioma, his widow is still fighting to end Canada’s role in the mineral’s mining and sale.

Sarnia’s Margaret Buist, 73, took her campaign to Ottawa this week to join two NDP MPs at a press conference opposing plans to reopen a mine in Asbestos, Que.

Montreal-based asbestos trader Balit Chadha is behind the project and Quebec Premier Jean Charest said he would grant a $58-million government loan to support it, but the deal has not been approved yet.

Canada’s last asbestos mine closed in Quebec due to financial and environmental issues — marking the end of a 130-year-old industry.

Chadha is hopeful the project will be given the green light following a third-party safety audit. His company has already started reviewing resumes to hire 60 workers.

Buist, a member of Victims of Chemical Valley and an activist in the fight against asbestos, had several thousand “asbestos kills” postcards printed to lobby the Quebec government.

Her husband was just 58 when he died of the painful disease caused by exposure to asbestos, a building material once widely used in Chemical Valley.

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