Asbestos: a perennial threat (Australian TV News Report: 6 minute video)

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Asbestos: a perennial threat


Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 21/11/2011
Reporter: Peter McCutcheon

Asbestos is not a situation of the past. What is being called the ‘third wave’ describes victims of asbestos who do not work in the industry. There are concerns that non professional home renovators are not exercising proper amounts of caution.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Seven years ago James Hardie Industries negotiated a multibillion-dollar settlement with asbestos sufferers, closing a shameful chapter of Australian manufacturing. At the same time, James Hardie signed an agreement with the New South Wales Government to provide funding for more education about the dangers of asbestos. The focus of that campaign is on the so-called third wave of asbestos-related diseases: people exposed to the deadly dust particles during home renovations. Peter McCutcheon reports.

PETER MCCUTCHEON, REPORTER: If you want to get rid of asbestos properly, it’s pretty hard work. You need time, safety equipment and usually expert advice. Unfortunately, if you’re repairing or renovating a house more than 30 years old, there’s a good chance you’ll come across this potentially deadly material. But if you’re tempted to save a bit of money by not going through all this rigmarole, think again.

CAROL KLINTFALT: You know, why risk it? You don’t risk other dangers in your life that could potentially kill you. And this is a killer. And it’s hideous.

PETER MCCUTCHEON: These days, Carol Klintfalt prefers the quiet contemplation of painting rather than home renovation. That’s not only because she’s recently become a grandmother, but also because she’s dying of an asbestos-related disease.

CAROL KLINTFALT: They told me I had mesothelioma, and to be honest, I had never heard of what that disease was. Very hard to pronounce. It was just sheer shock. It was completely out of left field.

PETER MCCUTCHEON: Carol Klintfalt was exposed to asbestos fibres in the late 1970s, probably during home renovations. And this do-it-yourself sector is being targeted in a new awareness campaign launched in Sydney today.

NICO VAN ZANDWIJK, ASBESTOS DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE: It is really a myth that asbestos-related disease is a situation of the past. That is not true.

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