Canada under fire over asbestos exports

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Canada under fire over asbestos exports

Matt Peacock and staff

Updated November 08, 2011 22:53:26

A Canadian health expert has described his government as a “purveyor of death” for continuing to export asbestos to India.

Asbestos is virtually banned in Canada, but the government is assisting plans to reopen a Quebec mine to export asbestos to India, its biggest customer.

Quebec’s Jeffrey mine would see a tripling of Canadian chrysotile, or white asbestos production, most of it bound for India.

The Canadian opposition this month challenged the government to end the asbestos trade, with health authorities warning that India’s increasing use of the mineral is likely to cause an epidemic of asbestos-related deaths in decades to come.

Ottawa University Professor Amir Attaran, who along with other international health experts have condemned Canada’s trade, has spoken out about the export decision.

“It amounts to Canada being a purveyor of death around the world,” he said.

“Our country is an exporter of a deadly substance and we enjoy it – at least our federal government does.”

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