Victims reject plans for mine

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Victims reject plans for mine



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Last Updated: November 3, 2011 7:13pm

SARNIA – Families of asbestos victims are holding a news conference Friday in Toronto to invite the lead investor behind a plan to re-open a Quebec asbestos mine to visit Sarnia.

They’re asking Baljit Chadha to come to Sarnia, a city with a high death toll from asbestos-related disease, to meet with victims and their families.

“We would like Mr. Chadha to meet us and see first-hand the suffering that asbestos has caused to so many Canadians,” said Stacy Cattran, whose father, Bill Coulbeck, died of asbestos-related cancer in Sarnia three years ago.

Cattran and her sister organized a recent walk in remembrance of asbestos victims that attracted hundreds of people to Sarnia’s waterfront.

“In Sarnia, we have learned some terrible lessons about asbestos,” Mayor Mike Bradley said, “We would like to join with Mr. Chadha and partners in developing countries to help find substitutes for this lethal substance.”

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