Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) to Livestream the film “Breathtaking”

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ADAO to Livestream the film “Breathtaking”


“Breathtaking” screening details

For Immediate Release: July 23 2011

ADAO to Livestream Breathtaking: A Personal Investigation into the Continued Use of Asbestos

Kathleen Mullen’s Documentary Gives Comprehensive Insight into the Tragedy Associated with Commercial Mining

Redondo Beach, CA … July 23, 2011 — The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO,) which combines education, advocacy, and community to provide a unified voice for asbestos victims, today announced that it will be livestreaming Breathtaking on September 26th. The documentary, directed by Ontario filmmaker Kathleen Mullen, is “a personal investigation into the continued use of asbestos” and details her father’s tragic death due to exposure to asbestos from Canadian mining.

Breathtaking addresses the asbestos industry through a moving and personal investigation into the death of Mullen’s father, and the baffling present-day use, pubic mining, and incessant export of asbestos in spite of decades of scientific evidence that asbestos kills people. Commercially mined since the Industrial Revolution, asbestos was nicknamed the ‘magic mineral’ for its fabric-like, and fire retardant properties and has been used in everything from brake pads to oven mitts. Although it has been discovered to be carcinogenic, and asbestos use has been banned in many countries and limited in others. However, Canada, Russia and several other countries, still mine asbestos and export it for use in developing nations.

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