Court ruling on asbestosis could help so many more

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Court ruling on asbestosis could help so many more

Jul 27 2011 By Paddy Cooper, Uxbridge Gazette

AN ASBESTOSIS sufferer could be about to blaze a trail for compensation for other victims of the disease, as he awaits a landmark legal ruling.

David Chandler, 71, worked between 1959 and 1961 for Uxbridge Flint Brick Company (UFBC), in Iver Lane, Cowley.

He suffered heavy exposure to asbestos dust from the neighbouring Cape Building Products plant on the same site, and was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2007.

UFBC had an asbestos exclusion clause in its insurance policy, which blocked Mr Chandler from suing the company, so he took Cape Plc – UFBC’s parent company – to court.

Earlier this year, Mr Chandler was awarded £120,000 damages by the High Court, which dismissed an appeal by Cape Plc against the ruling.However, Cape Plc is awaiting a separate ruling from the Court of Appeal as to whether the High Court’s decision can be overturned.

In the meantime, Mr Chandler’s compensation is being withheld.

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