Appellate court overturns $2.5M verdict in asbestos cases

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Appellate court overturns $2.5M verdict in asbestos cases

By Edith Brady-Lunny | |

Posted: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 7:16 pm

SPRINGFIELD — The Fourth District Appellate Court has overturned a $2.5 million verdict that was one of several controversial jury awards in asbestos cases filed in McLean County.

The ruling issued in Springfield challenges the conspiracy theory used by attorneys for Juanita Rodarmel, a Bloomington woman who contracted mesothelioma after she was exposed to asbestos on the clothing of her first husband, Leslie Corry, an employee of the former Union Asbestos & Rubber Co. Corry worked at the plant from 1953 to 1956.

In their decision tossing out the 2009 verdict, the court rejected the plaintiff’s argument that Pneumo Abex LLC and Honeywell International should be held accountable for Rodarmel’s illness because the companies allegedly conspired with other firms to keep secret information about the hazards of asbestos.

Lawyers for Honeywell argued to the appellate court that the jury was allowed to consider circumstantial evidence of a conspiracy without allowing Honeywell to respond.

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