Hidden danger from asbestos threatens 1.8m

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Mick Knighton died of mesothelioma 10 years ago aged just 60

Sunday July 17,2011

By Hilary Douglas

MORE than 1.8 million people are exposed to deadly asbestos every year, with one dying from asbestos-related cancer every four hours.

The shocking figures from the UK Health and Safety Executive reveal at least 5,000 deaths from mesothelioma a year are expected by 2015, although some experts say the figure could be far higher.

Almost every building erected before 1999 will have asbestos used in its construction, so even seemingly harmless DIY projects might have deadly consequences.

Chris Knighton, whose husband Mick died of mesothelioma 10 years ago aged just 60, now runs a research fund in his memory.

Mick came into contact with asbestos while in the Navy. “The helmet he was first issued with as a gunner and the gauntlets given to him were all made of asbestos,” explained Chris, 65, who has raised £1million for the Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund .

“When the Navy realised all the ships were riddled with asbestos, they had them refitted, but the crews helped rip out the piping and bits which were to be removed.

“They didn’t wear the proper ­protective clothing, they just got on with the job and many, many of them in effect condemned themselves to death in the process.

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