Owens-Illinois denies asbestos conspiracy claim

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Owens-Illinois denies asbestos conspiracy claim



Major glass manufacturer Owens-Illinois Inc. said Monday it is disappointed by a jury verdict assessing more than $40 million in damages against it in a case of alleged injuries from asbestos.

Owens-Illinois said it will contest the verdict of a McLean County, Ill., jury if necessary in the state’s appeal courts. On Friday, the jury awarded the plaintiff, Charles Gillenwater, a total $90 million in damages against Owens-Illinois and three other companies: Honeywell International Inc., Pneumo Abex and John Crane Inc.

Gillenwater is said to have contracted mesothelioma while working as a pipe fitter in the 1970s at several locations, including Illinois State University, Bridgestone-Firestone and Eureka Co. He accused Owens-Illinois, Honeywell and Pneumo Abex of conspiring to conceal information about the health risks of asbestos from their employees, customers and others.

Mesothelioma, which is cancer in the lining of the chest or abdomen, is associated with exposure to asbestos.

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