Agonising death of Oxford cancer victim

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Agonising death of Oxford cancer victim

9:30am Friday 14th January 2011

A HOSPITAL last night pledged to make changes to drug trials after an Oxford cancer sufferer endured an “unimaginable nightmare” and died while testing a new treatment.

Andy Witney died in August last year after a five-year cancer battle, but an inquest in Oxford heard yesterday the trial drugs may have accelerated his death.

The 56-year-old suffered from mesothelioma, an incurable cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. The former Cowley car worker had been a “human guinea pig” taking part in cancer drug trials at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

But severe side effects left him in agony, without the use of his lower legs and suffering uncontrollable diarrhoea. He died 12 days later.

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